Deadly Scene lyrics


[Verse 1]
As I rest inside my mind I dream a deadly scene
Sometimes a mane in black who grips a knife he chases me
On one occasion it was I that followed slowly creeping
Actin violent that's how you survive it don't deny the feeling
But soon I woke up in a daze within a state of panic
I looked and staring through my window
Was the shadow from my visions
Where were the signs? I think I ditched them
When I took too many hits from the bottle I'm talkin overloaded
Damn how did we end up inside this hell? I don't know
I think it's time to say good riddens though and that's on my moms
I pray whatеver holds you prisoner lets you carry along
Wе know you left without permission so I buried your bones
Within my chest and now I'm back in the Matrix, yeah
Behold the chip it's like we're living in the terminator
I look to faith but there's no God and so I'm contemplating
Everything I thought was real it left me feeling constipated
The evil ruse I do believe it proves they want us crazy
So quit the faking face the problem maybe now or later
I'm like a zombie who walks altered with no way to leave
And through the weeds l travel forward untill I fall beneath

[Verse 2]
But as I step across the line I see a better way
The mane in black no longer grips a knife he feels ashamed
In this new place I'll be at peace, just give me some more time
And I'll be back up on my feet I want it all from the bottom
I'm busting heads with no option of letting go
Whats the problem? I thought you'd knew how im rocking
Well, take some notes if you gotta
Up on the roof as I holla Gimmie sum (Gimmie sum)
I need my cut when it's done or imma lose my cool
I'm known to rip them with precision like a power tool
If I were you I'd surely keep my distance from this sour brute
One, two, I'll crush your knees before you get to three
Take a peak and sucka tell your boss I'm coming for that cheese
Break free from the chains, don't fear the reaper
Keep your chin up, learn to love what you made
The only meaning that we have for living life
Is just to watch and wait
Once every one we have is finally gone
They'll beam us up to space
And I no longer fear the facts of what it takes to die
Because I know everything is greener on the other side
Ain't no one perfect when the pictures show were full of stains
The pressure tightens, hold your tone, don't let it go to waste

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