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"Game is stronger"

This a short story of some pimps bein stored in the purgatory paying for our sins
Had a talk with the devil and it started making sense we some f*ckin playas mane
That's just how we choose to live
Come and try to test my gang you gettin popped like a pill
Let these hoes know my name its hydra back on the kill comin hard from the pits of hell where the trio dwells
In the dark ima victim of my f*ckin self
Born with the mark of the beast
God just took away my dignity know I'm left with the gnar of these evil tendancies
Six oclock gang and at the park with the crime feins
Doomshop takin over in this underground scene
Lick the fools
Baker got the mac if you duckin like a f*ckin goose on da loose so I grip my gat with the f*ckin shoe

Gots to get my hoe gone
Gots to get my hoe gone
Breaking suckas for they bones
Try to f*ck me taste the chrome
Pimpin playas strong posted at the 7-11 smokin on a stick of heaven sippin on a 211
Scopin hopin that's some busta try to test my nutz
Grew up the in the dark of the night so I ain't scared to buck
16 with my homies smokin green loced out on the scene so high feels like the dream
I'm bout my business so these b*tches ain't concernin me if some one try burnin me I hit him with tha burner G
Fat mac with the gang that's too thick for these hoes
Ain't got no golds up in my mouth but still It so playeristic futuristic flows I'm bringin to these trysics in the mist I'm lost showin no remorse for any Bizitch

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