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[Verse 1: BAKER]
From the dusk till it’s dawn
Smoke leaking from my bong
For the lettuce have a fetish
All I need to get along
Phone home to my Brothas tellem need another pack
Bring me down a couple zips
So I can smoke until I pass
Shroom gloom fill the room little plants I consume
I 2 step on your grave my trip is now in bloom
Watch the bed start spinning my face starts grinning
See the look within my eyes
Is the one of new beginning
Breakin bread with my people
To fight the true evils
Government they’ll supplement ya brain with rocks and turn ya feeble
Mr dark side Dracula
Creature of the night
My aura flickers so spectacular
When ya cut the lights
If ya get lost let me help you find ya way
No need to fear no need to pray just listen what I say
Split ways with the old days ima new man
Light fades when the dark preys
Never bite the hand
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