Big L
Yes You May (Funk Flow Mix)
[Lord Finesse]
Yeah, now check this out
Now what we have here is the "Yes You May" remix, right?
But Percee P and my man A.G. ain't here
And I got my man Big L in the house, you know what I'm saying?
And we swinging sh*t for '92

[Big L]
Ah check it out, yo
Ayo everywhere that I go, brothers know my f**king name
I'm flooring n***as and I only weigh a buck and change
I gave a lot of black eyes in my extorting days
F**king with me, a lotta n***as was sporting shades
I grab the microphone and scar j*rks
N***as running up (Put me on!) What the f**k, is this star search?
I'm relieving rappers like Sudafed
And if the microphone was smoke then Big L would be a buddha head
Aiyo my crew's real smooth like mopeds
I was rocking mics since n***as was wearing Pro Keds
I only roll with originators
Chicks stick to my d**k like magnets on refrigerators
I'm a crazy mean lyricist
Many are in fear of this, yeah, so they stand clear of this
And those that refuse the order, Big L bruise and slaughter
N***as hear me and take notes like a news reporter
I'll bend a rapper like a fender, I'm slender, but far from tender
Killing n***as like a Klan member
You can't touch this, your rhyme's too d*** weak, front
And I'm a introduce your brains to the concrete
I keep hoes satisfied, I'm pushing the fattest ride
To take me out, troop, even the baddest tried
But they failed cause my techniques are liver
I'm so def I need a hearing aid with an equalizer
You tried to hit a home run but you struck out
My rhymes were released, I'd like to say peace the f**k out

[Lord Finesse]
Check it out, it's the brother you have to hear, stand up, clap, and cheer
As far as running mine, ain't nothing happening here
Cause I'm on some ruthless sh*t
It ain't over til the fat lady sing? I'm a shoot the b*t*h
I'm swift with this, it's ridiculous to get with this
When I kick some sh*t, I'm a cold flip the script
It's all systems go when I start ripping shows
I swing and do my thing and I'm coming home with different hoes
I got game like Genesis
When I finish this I can bag any ho on the premisis
I spin into action like a whirlpool
Get wilder than a rapist in a Catholic all-girls school
Cause I'm scoring mine, never kicking boring rhymes
I'm living larger than my d**k in the morning time
I get paid and laid on a good night
Me take a loss? That sh*t don't even look right
Brothers couldn't win against me with their hardest tactics
I hang 'em and use their a** for target practice
If you think you can troop, go recruit your team or group
We can battle for some loot, sh*t
I take you, and plus the rest of your squad
Bust your a** and make you all get messanger jobs
So write that sh*t in your column
Any rapper who wanna beef, motherf**ker's got problems
I'm out to make changes
It's the Funky Man, you know what my motherf**king name is
(Lord Finesse and Big L give shoutout til fade)