Big L
Cluemanati (’97 DJ Clue Freestyle)
[Herb McGruff]
I drop hot rhymes
Take it hot '97slot time
I shine like a icon
Hund' Thirty-Ninth, don
V12 600 gas put my Nike on
Put a mic on
Put it piped on
Strong armed like 'Nam
Desert storm never fight calm
Four-fifths shook my right arm
Pearl white palm
Murder your life on
Make more noise than a night storm
Heavy artillery, hand grenades, and pipe bombs
Like Tron
Man there's no telling who I might harm
Time Wall Street business men in their white blond
It's like on
Bullet holes buck fifty life longs
Fight strong, Don Juan, ill trife con
Write hype sh*t, my gang can make a dyke like d**k
And my crew bigger than your crew twice as thick
N***as be lookin' for some ice to stick
Nice and slick
And pipe the d**k
And all the bad righteous chicks
My n***as locked up, we light them flicks
Send you commissary all types of kicks
My man L got 25 to life taught me life's a b*t*h
Said hold your head 'Gruff son and write them hits

[Big L]
Ya'll n***as like to stress them hoes
Impress them hoes
And spend money to dress them hoes
I sex them hoes and send them home
Corleone is known to be stoned
When I bone I'm rubbered-up 'case the b*t*h full blown
The other night around 8PM
Pockets crazy slim
Jumped out the grey B.M
Went to the ATM
Took a thou' out
Later on had to wil' out
In the club knocked some n***a and his pal out
Afterwards went to the restroom and p*ssed Cristal out
Now I'm thinkin' what b*t*h number I can dial out
Cause it's L, the Harlem pimp baby, for real
I got more dimes than that Sprint lady, that's ill
Playa hatas be givin me harsh looks
But I'm trying to sell records like Garth Brooks
So f**k 'em all
When it's cold I throw the skully on
Illegal chips keep my celly on
Mega ice is what I'm heavy on
If it ain't Cristal b*t*h I guess it's Pérignon
If the pu**y hole to tight I throw some jelly on
Try to tax, watch the 9 mil' burst
I've been off the scene over two years and n***as is still thirst
To hear Big L drop an ill verse
All you unsigned n***as that wanna battle, get a deal first
I sport the bullet-proof fitted hat
That att**ude you better get rid of that
Where ever you floss is where you gonna get it at
I stay strapped, I go to sleep with my steel
Makin' figgas while you broke n***as keepin' it real
L is rap most livest cat
I'm getting stacks while you askin' n***as - "Do you want fries with that?"
I rob fags in the stair case
No mask, bare face
The one police wouldn't dare chase
Keep my gear laced
Do I walk around without papes?
No way pal
Word up, my money longer than the O.J. Trial
[Herb McGruff]
Yo, I rhyme with my heart and my soul
Shine like a carton of gold
Got M.C.'s startin' to fold
Leave 'em cold
Better play their part and their role
Leave 'em shook like a hustler with knocks on the stroll
What you know about slangin' in the park in the cold
Puffin buddha with your buddies
Gooses and the skullies
Rockin' Tim' boots and all the honeys
And when it's sunny
We sport linen spending money
Of course we some men who hungry
Society forced us to attend to ugly
And scorin' like Bugsy
I rather die than keep the feds c*mfy
I read Nicky Barnes yeah plus I read Bumpy
Harlem World's where I'm from see
Picture 'Gruff comin' clumsy
I'm from the home of the money maker bum is junkie
DJ Clue pull up something funky
I'm kinda of tired off this weed and this Bra** Monkey

[Big L]
Ears studded out
Playa hatas cut it out
Chain flooded out
Sexin' hoes tell I'm nutted out
You on the mixtape, talkin 'bout you flip weight
You fishcake holdin' your d**k and still couldn't p*ss straight
I got heavy dough
And that's something that you already know
Clue heard me once and said "I bet he blow"
I rock the Presi' Rol'
You want beef let me know
I be in Mexico chillin' with a sexy ho
How cool can one MC be?
Ya'll still envy me cause I'm M.V.P
Cruise through Harlem in a bullet-proof MPV
Man, you f**k around and get plugged like MTV
I'm a pretty pimp with mad gear
I put my hoes on the moon if there was cash there
You feel me?
I buy hot jewels and ice it down
While you go to the jewelry store with short dough trying to bring the prices down