Big L
Wake Up Show Anthem
Turn that system up and pump it all around the town
Keep the levels high so that you can feel that funky sound
Gotta get with Sway and Tech so all my peeps they oughta know
No one rocks it better
Jamming on The Wake Up Show

[Verse 1: Big L]
Yo, everybody place your tapes in the deck so you could record
The Wake Up Show where Sway and Tech be catchin' crazy wreck
DJ Tech plays the hits in the phattest way
On the mix from nine to midnight every Saturday
Take it from me, Mr. M.V.P
Better known as Big L on the M.I.C
'Cause yeah, as soon as I pick up a mic
And start flowin', the people yell
I'm rugged as hell, brothers could tell
That none of you rappers are hangin' with L
And tonight I'm your guest host
Even though I'm from the East, I got love for the West Coast
You think I won't last long? You wrong
Remember: I'm that same kid who Put It On and on (yeah!)
I run with intruders, looters and sharp shooters
Who spark buddhas and hit thick honeys with large hooters
I'm the brother that be jumpin' on a stereo
So when I walk the streets
The ladies be tappin' they friends like "There he go!"
Peace to D.I.T.C., Show & A.G
Fat J.O.E., Diamond D, Lord Finesse and me
Listen to 92.3 The Beat
For The Wake Up Show, so don't sleep

[Verse 2: Chino XL]
Who got a grudge? Chino won't budge
I'm number one by me all others are judged
Still you can die trying
Kill yourself like Phyllis Hyman, the Wake Up Show's preferred
They stole your props like Barney did to Big Bird
Commanding lines and punch lines like Ya**er Arafat
Shoot a verse like Selina styles, masculine as Da Brat
Sway and King Tech select Chino XL for '96 roll call with Big Paul
Knock knock, here come my Nicole Simpson house call
Your brain is off like Richard Pryor when I cause the damage
With more blood loss than Anita Baker's miscarriage
Nine to twelve they got the baddest thing
Compet**ion's quite embarra**ing
Slicker than that Jheri curl on Rodney King
King's astonishing
Like Craig Mack without his acne cream
You heard a better show? Better tell Disney you the lying/Lion King
And I play Bones with mad Thugs we be in Harmony
Chasing hoes like [?] in a Rising Sun like Sean Connery
Radio's a welfare line, The Wake Up Show's standing out
Other stations is like Jordan's father; dead and a**ed out

[Verse 3: Doug E Fresh]
As I rip and flip styles from then till now
Watch 'em wake up and I shake up, sh*t's about to break up
In small pieces like Reeses'
With Sway & King Tech son
Big up! And 'nuff respect uh
From Saturday night to midnight
They taking they peoples to new heights
Keeping it tight huh
Just like a virgin, style's emerging
Got more skills than a surgeon
With the razor
Sh*t is major
On the street, 92.3
Representing The Beat
Huh, huh, huh
[Verse 4: AZ]
Come mingle with real fellas
Heron, coke and weed sellers, rebellers
The realest that served time at San Quentin cellars
Tape decks lay on record for Sway & Tech
We pay respect as the OJ and cognac connect
What's next? Save the bogus underground sound that's soulless
Conceal with the untold real with coldness
AZ, my attributes strong as Absolute
Sipping Snapple pa**ion fruit
I'm into fast cash and Coupe's
So take doe, L.A., to big Bay and Chicago
It's The Wake Up Show
And if you fake, you go

[Verse Five: Masta Ace]
I get Down when I Boogie
My Production's is ill
My crew get fresh like Chill Will
Lyrically, I bring wreck with King Tech
And Sway
And beats more fat/phat than Doc Dre
From MTV
I'm into thee, state of mind
The Wake Up Show's beat's popping, I'm dropping the rhyme
I'm representing, I.N.C., I try and be
Sway and King Technical, when styles run free
I got your head King and Tech Swaying from left to right
It's def tonight
Wake Up Show's flows is mad tight
The radio airwaves from west to east coast is tuned in
When I eat rappers like cheese toast