Big L
I Don’t Understand It (Demo Version)
[Big L]
There are too many MCs who are overrated
You ask me, they wasn't even supposed to make it
In the rap biz, they don't know what rap is
So give it up, become an actor or a actress
Or a producer, ‘cause you fail to use the
Microphone right, so take flight before I bruise ya
For sayin’ them bull crap whack raps on wax
You need to get smacked, sit back and rip that contract
I'm serious as cancer, I'm not playin’ games
I should get foul and buckwild and start sayin’ names
But deep down inside
You know who you are
Your rhymes are not up to par, you fake superstar
And that really gets on my nerve
When a rapper gets the credit that he don't deserve
Goin’ platinum and don't have no soul
Some rappers are mad nice and don't even go gold
I don't like the way it's goin’ down
Because it should be the other way around
I don't understand it

MCs, what's goin on?
I can't understand, man, how rappers col’ transform
One minute you're hardcore and raw
And that's what you was known for, but not
No more
You changed and rearranged
You're not the same, your raps are plain
And that explains why you lost your fame
Used to be on top, but you fell like rain drops
You turned pop, now you no longer gain props
Who fault is that? Nobody's but your own, black
Used to make dope tracks, jack, but now you're stone whack
So MCs, don't ever step out your range
Remain the same and only change with the time
Unless you get dropped like a dime
Yo, go for yours like I'm goin for mine
But if you're rough, stay rough, if you're dapper, stay dapper
And never try
To look or even sound like another rapper
Just fulfill your own needs
Some rappers wore gold chains but now they're wearin' beads?
I don't understand it

On the lyrical side, this is how it should be done
I'm not the one, my raps are stronger than rum
But some, MCs grab the mic and sound dumb
Plus slum, how come? Rap skills, they have none
And I wonder how the hell they get record sales
They raps are stale and frail
And forced like fairy tales
Your technique and everything you speak is weak
Got a little airplay because of your beats
Your fame and your name, but your lyrics are lame, jack
Step to this and get ran over like train tracks
Your raps are poor and whack and you went on tour with that
Crap, don't understand it, ‘cause rhyme skills you lack
I got more soul than Nike Airs, givin’ MCs nightmares
Rappers be frontin’ hard and rhymes they don't write theirs
But they still call themselves MCs?
Please, how could that be?
I don't understand it