Parris Chariz


[Verse 1: Joey Vantes]
Pull up in my Nikes
Marvin Gaye's plan
Got that nina right beside me (Yeah)
Sauce all in my veins
I already told you not to try me (Pew pew)
See I seven perfect
Boy I hit the upper 90 (Ballin)
Hit the upper 90
Ha, ha
God be shining on me really it ain't hard to find me (Nah)
I'm cooling in the hills
I've been out practicing my hitachi (West)
I put it on the left, no Kanye West like "Ultralight Beam" (West)
Sounds of virgil lately
I've been draping off the "why me" (Brrr)

[Chorus: Joey Vantes]
When I pull up in my Nikes (Good God)
When I pull up in my Nikes (Oh Lord)
When I pull up in my Nikes (Yeah!)
When I pull up in my, swoosh

[Verse 2: Joey Vantes]
Lock and load 'em get me started
Got some Cortez' on my feet
Through the valley out to Cali
Hittin' switches on the beat
When I'm riding in the air I got some wars I keep it G
Hit that 85 no, left on Jimmy Carter
Two-tone my phone's three, and my future low
When I put my pair on, LBJ in my zone
Gimme the checks when I flex
Suited up in Gore-Tex
Only the best, when I blessed
Christian Dior no ghost steps (Brrr)
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