Lemme Talk lyrics

Parris Chariz

2045, we still alive
Slick wave and we still ain't paid
But we on the way
Lemme talk

The enemy listen
I spit it the illest
He had to quarantine after I finished
It's wicked
I put the pen in the penicillin
I wrote in a clinic
How can I show I'm delivered?
The totem is shifting
My energy gave 'em the keys I'm not a pianist
And your fingers do all the talking you definite with it
I think less of the gimmicks
The hood can't hear how you talking you show 'em you different
It's good when we all pop but they fold in a minute
Who can do like 200 features and hold they position?
Who can call on the name of God and be labeled the realest?
We building a whole team and it's all independent
Picture me reaching for some clout to get ahead
When nobody said the road to fame was a dead end
They told bruh to feed the streets he let the feds in
I ain't tryna give up my arm to get a leg in
I sent my brudda out with six he brought twelve in
Behind closed doors they know who I am, jigga
Seen the type of demons that a put fear in a Christian
Not me, the P for prolly seen the dead living
Tight schemes it look like P he got the price shifting
I can't put my hand on the game I gotta vice grip it
It was either be in a cell or buy these icicles
Take you to Parris and share this life with you
Be yourself and see where life get you
It's deeper than rap, my brudda said he wanna finish school
Life hard but he not cynical
Good God we need couple O's
And I ain't afraid to say it we tried flipping clothes
That grew into a thing and now it's him or the centerfolds
I got into cream she was chasing the dinner rolls
Jiggas hating its been exposed
Mad 'cause I'm rocking Primo not Kenneth coles
Mad 'cause I learn the building was never owned
It's a difference in just rap and finishing songs
If he said he ain't feel the music he listening wrong
Hand over my heart I look to God I'm dissing 'em all
We been through the storm

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