Nish (UK)


I'm attracted to complicated women
My boy laughed at that like he ain't ever met a woman who isn't
... complicated
Maybe I agree
Maybe communication is the key
Maybe it was never them
Maybe the problem was always me
I just need someone to understand me
I just need a little realness around me
How could you
Leave me, worse off, than how you found me
Glass half full I had my hopes up
Never thought I'd be telling people we broke up
I never saw this coming
All this loving
Lost when heartbreak shows up
Tell me more lies, tell me more lies
Tell me how you'll never leave
Tell me how you're all mine
Tell me all I ever do is waste your time
I'll say I'm broken you tell me that you're fine
That's okay I'm fine with it
It's me and my kismat
Having conversations with the ghosts of my past that I live with
Yeh that's heartbreak.. inspiring this artbreak
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