Nish (UK)


Feel like she don’t
Feel like she don’t love me

Feel like she don’t love me, she got her own thing
She’s busy she don’t answer when her phone rings
On the same page, things we used to both think
Now we don’t agree, we got issues that need solving
I feel like I’m frozen, you shut me out
From a part of your life, you cut me out
Always promised to honest to each other
Why do I feel like you don’t want me now
I’ve been through worse? Really
Delusional, clearly
We used to be joint at the hip
Now you don’t want to be near me
Do you hear me? Are you gonna blank it out?
Are you even listening?
It’s like everything I share with you
You haven’t got an interest in
Tell me that I always play the victim
These insecurities won’t leave we’re overthinking
I don’t want to share you
Fighting myself cos you share me with the world
But there’s a part of me
That only you get to see
It’s just me and my girl
Pressure, pressure
I don’t know what they want from me
It’s you who I do this 4 like one plus three
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