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"Love me"

I don't wanna love
Lil shawty please shut it up (yea)
Baby I don't talk so please just shut it up (yea)
I just wanna f*ck lil shawty don't wanna love (ay)
I don't want your love lil shawty please shut it up (ay)

Lil shawty please shut it up when im riding with my squad ay
I don't like to talk lil shawty just want the guawp ay

I got a spanish b*tch calling me guapo that b*tch wanna f*ck me
That b*tch wanna drop, I give a f*ck about b*tches and I can not f*ck with your b*tch if that b*tch taking drugs

Ohhh I be making money on the Road f*cking hoes diamond yea they all on my Toes okay I f*cked your b*tch in the rain, I f*cked your b*tch everyday, These diamond they all on my chain b*tch get the f*ck yea out my way

Out my way out my way yea out my way doing that sh*t all the day
All the day shawty please yea please get out my way, I don't really really wanna talk and I do this shawty shawty yea yea to the top and when im flexing shawty yea I hit the guawp, When I throw up yea I rlly am ridded up

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