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--Ma? Ma? Are you there?
--Hi. Hi, ma. Hi. Hi. Listen, I need you to help me out, all right? I need you to give me some money. Okay? I need you to give me, like, five doll-- like, twenty dollars, or something like that, because I'm in some trouble. Ma? Do you hear me, Ma?

We’ve come too far to go back now
I'm scared you're coming back now
I know you’re looking to get out
But you can never get away from me
I know you want to get better
[?] we're together
I think she hates me now
I think she hates me now

--Yeah, I hear you. I can't help you
--Okay, listen, what you gotta do is give me some money, okay?
--Jim, I can't do that
--Why not? Mom, you know I'm not going to do anything with it. I just need-- I need to go out of town for a little while, cause I got into some trouble and I need some help. Okay? So you gotta give me some money, Mom. Can you hold my hand?
--Yeah, I'll hold your hand
--Mom, can you give me some money, please?

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