One, two, three, four

[Verse 1]
Hands on your body, I'm grabbin' your ass
Enjoyin' the moment 'cause life move too fast
I'm lookin' forward, ignorin' the past
These are the times that we'll laugh lookin' back

I'm gettin' lucky like coins in the well
Goodbye to my haters, I'm wishin' you well
This is my year, man, if you couldn't tell

This is our life and we livin' it well
Late nights in the city, causin' hell
Burn this b*t*h into the ground, oh well

If all we got tonight, let's do this right
Let's do this right

Let's go to (Paradise)
This sh*t feel like Friday nights
This sh*t make me feel alive
I feel like we in paradise, paradise (Paradise)
Don't know if it's the drink I poured
But I swear I've never loved you more

When you right here, I come alive
One more hit and we can fly
This sh*t feel like (Paradise)

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