Crawling in cruelty
I take my delight
In perpetuity
And lick my lips
Red and raw
When you say
As you want to say to me

I'll make sure
You get as much
As I got

In deep shade blue
Your fright
Drives a sense of longing
Through me
That is hard to explain
And I cinch until you dream
And I wake you screaming
And everything is never all right
And night lasts until I sleep
Wish your eyes not on me
Thinking kill him or flee
Kill him or flee
But you do neither
In the ether
Of your desire

And I sling the switch
Until my arm gets tired
And you cry that you love me
Like God
And like God
I say whatever it is
You want to hear
Whatever it is
That brought you here
Nearer to me
Right next to me