And it came like I knew it would
Stark raving mad love
Mad love in black and in white
And dreams of knives at night
When I can sleep if I can sleep

Beneath the batwinged umbrella spread
And the shadow it cast
Ruby Red and the Martini tilt of her smile
Found me in the rain
And later in some place warm
Where the wet ran the ink from her eye
I tought I'd die
While she twisted a bit in a blue coat
And smiled

She called me lucky like it was a question
And in her crooked script
She scratched a note and shoved it into my hand
And it said "You're my main man"

And whoa goddamn
Like crazy Kelly the streets sung for me
A song of blue moons and Johnny Mercer tunes
And I was dizzy and headspun and never got caught
Noticing never
Nothing but her smile
And all the while ruin lay for me
Laid low and waited for me
Like the dark and angry animal
Of the balance of my sin