La Luna
My eyes are spinning like crazy tops
And that girl's grinning just shouts and shouts
And my nighttime won't stop
And the room is so f**king hot
And everything is enemy
Oh, say can you see?
The donkey laughing
In the trees
And all of her geegaws and everything
Thrown high and wide
While I try to hide
From her ballerina on a jewelry box
Powdered puffs and crucifix
On a dirty string on shoetree vine
Oh, I'm awake now all the time
And her knitted head lace overlay
Crystal green bottles of Jean Nate
Leaning on carved darkwood posts
Oh, she's just the most
And hour after hour
On the grinning cat clock
I know I'm f**ked
While the dark sections of the room
Run from me
Darker than my eye
Can ever see
Everything that hates me
Just won't let me be
And it lies about
Who I'm trying to believe is me
Crawling around the room
On my hands and knees
And sniffing in the cold corners
The stink of others
Where I should be
Where I should be