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"Faith pt.2"

[Verse 1: Drake]
Thought I’d never see the light of day
You can thank me later for the record
I don’t even need it right away
I just really need the right of way
So that I can lane switch
Trust anybody that I came with
They will be here when I ain't rich
I-I-I swear, I know, they are in the boat I row
E’rrybody in it gotta paddle, muthaf-cker won’t let go
I done made a hundred thousand dollars every season I was on that show
I’ve been told I was next by a legendary that was on Death Row
It’s a secret, I’ma tell ‘em, rappers only claiming they get paid
I’ve been gettin love in the club ever since a n*gga came in underage
I just put Patron in the pineapple and I do the same with lemonade
Let my money flow through the air, I can make it rain on your parade
I can do it, I can do it and I know the rumours get around
I’ma take my city to the top and then I’ma never let ‘em down
I’ma show a lot of people love, I’ma give ‘em credit where it’s due
Anyone that got it I can do it, this the one I dedicate to you

[Hook: K-OS]
I’m gon do what I want
Cause this life’s made for living
You got to know nothings for sure
Faith in the stars
I’m gon do what I want
Cause this life’s what I’m given
Gotta keep my faith in the dark clouds

[Verse 2 - K-OS]
Cardiac arrest rap tag
Wait a sec, wait a minute, I’ve been in it from beginning
Spinnin’ raps like my heart was a tape deck, yes
I’ve been on the block, freestyling, wylin’ while I was a yout’
Many wonder what the truth it, when the future’s like a tattoo
Gotta make haste while the sun shines
If you only live one time when the spaceships arrive from the skies
I’ll be flyin’, I’m not lyin’ I’m sublime in my alpah state
Let the heart palpitate
Let the soul just astroplane
Here’s a secret, let me tell ‘em
We’re the ones that started rock n roll
Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard, platform shoes and an afro comb
Me ET phone home, BET play my song
Had faith oh so long, thats why we both flowed on so
Ohhhhh, I’m like another message they sent on the bottle
Now people knooooooow…
’bout a freak of nature with a pen and paper
Can’t escape in the ether if you got faith, yeah
See that


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