Cory Hanson
Evening Glass
Please keep your mind, don't let them see
Walk in their eyes while they're dreaming
I'll be the gla**, breath on the screen
Furniture hiss on the ceiling

Wander the hallways that you've never seen
Nothing is left, no uranium fields
You are the officer, you hold the key
Now we laugh

You can hear it swelling in your head
You can see them throwing up their hands
There are things you cannot comprehend

Please keep your thoughts squandered and saved
Hide me away till you need me
Lay in the gra**, stare at your feet
Truth in the absence of meaning

Follow the world that I want you to see
One full of colorful uranium fields
You build the coffins round here
So it's been, now we lie

You can hear it calling out your name
To commit to formlessness again
Can you still remember where the lake...?
The lake, the lake, the lake