Oceans of Slumber
The fruit is bitter, don't taste of it
You'll soon regret every poisoned bite you take
It's tempting you, almost begging
Every step of the way, every last breath you take

And as you stand there in a trance
Salivating through every pore in your body
You pine for that release you can only achieve by giving in

She puts her hand on you, gently
Whispers in your ear, 'Baby, it'll be alright'
So you take the forbidden fruit
slowly from the tree that is growing
Then you take a bite

Can you taste the disease?
You start shaking the tree
You're f**king full of greed
Turn and look at your w****
You've never seen her before with your distrusting eyes

Some call this hate
Some call this misery
Now take it
I call this fate
If in your hand you held the sieve
Now will you deal the misery?
The ivy whispers into the snake
'Another loss for humanity'

The sweetest scent called me to life
It's all you'll ever see
Freedom, selfishness destroys the light
And you will never see

Brought down to my knees by the weight that's crushing me
Apologizing and weakened, given my all
Save me but a lie, so reach inside this hollow chest
Pull out what's left of this beating heart