Oceans of Slumber
...This Road
I'll caress away the pain
Your sorrow, your shame
Because you've lost your way

These things just take some time to mend, to heal
So jaded and alone you feel

A desperate lie
You and I have tried this way before
Hopelessly searching for relief
And you know where this road leads

Weather the storm
Let it wash away your tears
Hope's on the horizon
There's nothing left to fear

And you cling to me
because you and I have done it all before
There's comfort and solace in this
And you know where this road leads

I'll caress, caress it all away
Pushing down the sorrow and the pain
Wishful wandering, whether you're restored again
You need only to be pulled back into the storm

I'm still wandering, waiting for the cold
Wishing and wandering, pulled back into the storm

I wish there was a way to satisfy all that you crave