Anthony Amorim
You Were Drunk
I heard you laugh so loud and all the words poured out your mouth
'Cause you were drunk
You told me that you're lonely and you never do this
Only when you're drunk

You asked me for another drink
I told you you've had plenty
Your cheeks were colored pink
Your mind made up already

You pulled me to the couch and then you kissed me on the mouth
'Cause you were drunk
You told me I could hold you just this once while you're still drunk
You're still so drunk

We stumbled to the bed
We got under the covers
You got inside my head
Convinced me we were lovers

You woke up with a headache
And your eyes full of regret
'Cause you got drunk
You told me that you don't remember anything at all
You were so drunk
I asked you for another kiss
You told me to forget it
I wish it didn't end like this
I wish I never met him