[Verse 1: t from various]
They making room, 'cause we stepping in soon
I’m feeling cool, rocking furs, we in june
I stay in tune, keep the melodies too
I’m flying high, see my face on the moon
I said, girl I’m celibate, but she selling it
Promise I won’t tell a bit, then I fell in it
Baby sweet as chocolate, love the melanin
Watch out who you rockin’ with, smell the jealousy

[Chorus: t from various & Raf, Jesus & Raf]
I just wanna be at the Medowbruk with you
(I just wanna be at the Medowbruk baby)
We can take our time and watch it all fall through
(We can make our plans but I know they won’t come true)
When I think 'bout the past
All the dreams that I had
I’ll be gone for a minute but I know I’ll be back (and)
I just wanna be at the Medowbruk with you

[Verse 2: Raf]
Another day
I was busy staring at the
I just wish I could go home now
If I could, I don’t know if I would
It’s a secret
Time never pass or regress
If you’re gonna say it
Then say it with your chest
I don’t even wanna discuss
I can’t even think about sex
When I think about you
My mind goes bizarre
Got me trippin' like toadstools
'Cause baby when
I think about you
My head flies to mars
And I need to get home soon
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