[Verse 1: Esté]
You and me
Me and you
What am I supposed to do?
From the car
To the room
I just wanna see you soon
Baby I
Wanna know
Where I am supposed to go?
Answer me
Call me back
I just wish you would react

[Chorus: Raf]
You text me things that I can't seem to understand
You seem to believe that I was your man
But I bet your ex look nothing like the man
Something like the man

[Verse 2: Jesus]
I’ll tell you what it is about me
I’ll tell you what you wanna know now
Ahh, ahh, ahhh
And I can’t be what you want from me
I wanna know
Where I’m meant to go
Where am I?
I know this is
Gonna hurt
When it ends
If I face it, do I pace it or quit it now?
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