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"Back on the Beat"

Life has been tough
But I've learned a lot of stuff about the world and myself
I don't feel happy anymore, I feel content

I don't feel happy anymore, I feel content
With the dent that's been sent that's causing me to vent
People will never understand
Because knowing how something feels
Is different from actually feeling
I'm writing this only for you
So where does this leave us in the space of time?
Let me shine some light
Have you ever tasted something so sweet
And on the next bite it doesn't taste as sweet
It doesn't feel right
We've built tolerance
What if we feel happy all the time
But just got used to it and we continue the search for a greater happiness
Not realizing that we are happy
Happiness are moments, I really want to own them
Not behind the phone, dumb
I don't wanna text, I want to call
New phone cool but it's still the same tool
My phone still be dry

Family didn't go from rags to riches but we're doing fine, we still got time
All I really want to do is pay for my moms rent and take care of dad
Gonna make 6 figures one day anyways
Always learning always moving
Cause I'm always improving
At least I can eat now
No one can compete now
In control again
Do not pass control again
Been put to bed, sleep in my head
Don't wake up again
I feel a lot of things
I know a lot of things
Please go, do not come back to attack my hope
I write again
Am I right again?
Or am I wrong again
Pull up in my brain
Pull up my thoughts
Don't leave a stain
I need to slow down
But if I slow down
I won't have the time when I'm old
I can do everything
I can do anything right now
Being old doesn't scare me
Being old and alone scares me
Being old and with someone who loves my success scares me
But that won't happen until a long time
In fact it's time for me to realize
And expect the unexpected
I work so hard but I need to slow down and breath

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