Young and I'm black
We no get time for the wack
Ebe confam we de rap
Full green in the trap
Couple bad chicks in the back
Got some bad chicks with the back
Full wad in my jeans
Printed full swag in my genes
Veggie no meth but I lean
f**k bad imma fiend
Yh we fly high with the green
Who de try f**k with the team
Pop that re mi do
I don't think y'all hear me though
I ain't got time anymore'
All grind for the dough
n***a soon time we de blow
n***a soon time we de blow
Full wad in my jeans
Bimmer all black with the team
Models all jack in the scene
Pop tags for the dream
Working all night for the green
Working all night for my team

Oh, my days!
One time we ah blow
Oh, my days!
Puff puff we ah blow

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