No Lucc

Dave East

Let's get back to the basics of living
We came from here ain't have to visit, was native not pilgrim
So if the love don't help 'em grow, i bet you that hate'll convince 'em
You seen it how you seen it, I was speeding, my anger was different
I'm just praying the gang get aquitted
Like day to day that life get boring, sh*t been the same for a minute
Like you ain't tell but still you hang with the witness, n***a you dinner
I’m the same one that got it
Came from change in my pockets
To Copenhagen me and Shooter exchanges them dollas
I know they told me to keep it calm
But I came with the wilders
Almost went insane in the projects
Not from San Fran but I came with some 9ers

[Chorus x2]
Bottle after bottle, I drink till I'm drunk
We sending hollow after hollow, violators it's time to duck
Model after model, I'm tired not trying to f**k
We from the bottom and got it up it's all hustle it's not no luck

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