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[Verse 1: AC]
You pu**y boys don’t want it, you want it come and get it
Don’t step foot inside my city, i’ll f**k you up with that mini
All you bustas think i’m kidding, i'm sh*ttin on all you b*t*hes

UAV comin and leaving no f**kin witness b*t*h
Squeeze that mothaf**ka, let them bullets fly, no more Mr. Nice Guy
f**k you up if you not acting right, so choose a side, are you with my gang or you just a lie?
I don’t give a f**k about your life cause you hate on mine

[Verse 2: VAGUE]
Bashin all they f**kin skulls, we murder till they f**ken fall
Watchin all these maggots they runnin ragged, now see’em crawl
You thinkin I made error, nah i’m the night terror
Callin to the spiritual mirror, bringin on night scares

I am the darkness in-definition, so why are all these mothaf**kas testin my patience
You live a lie, defied but inside the fire won’t subside
Behind I hear cries, from all the souls that i’ve deprived hoe

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