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Blood spilling and flowing down wolf creek
Couple bodies obliterated that’s laying on the street
See my breath as I breathe couple degrees below 3
Trying hold my motha f*ckin tongue can hardly be discreet
My heart speeding as the pendulum stops
It’s like I’m trapped inside an hour glass with minutes to drop
My minds extremely altered and lately my vision so corrupt DEAD
Haha get it I’m seeing infrared
I’m Cold as f*ck, enough to make a penguin freeze
I seen a pathway to heaven but I’m stuck somewhere in between... f*ck
I’m so sick of the nuisance, bouta infiltrate these bullets into 100 of humans
So keep it moving


There’s a lot death upon us all you demons act dishonest
f*cken over everybody while you stayin at your calmest
Got the leader in the shadows, askin servants what the f*ck you brought us?
Don’t complain cause it’s the wicker man who f*cken burned the hottest
Don’t be f*cken actin dead, c*ckroaches near the bloodshed
Paint a picture, souls red
Chained up, gaged stuffed
Playin ball with ya head
That’s the f*cken ritual to summon all the undead
Maggots formin from other side, eatin out ya eyes
Life is full of leaches and is feeding off your blood supply
Hang the f*cken noose, it’s f*cken time to cut the ties
Took a f*cken a minute bein paralyzed to
Realize I...


Wake up in the night and see demonic type of figures
I hear Voices in my head that speak most ominous of whispers
Convince me imma burn in Hell and heavily considered
Built relations with a burner since I’ll burn with all the sinners
Tell me you can save me f*ck opinions of a minister
Religions something sinister designed to keep us prisoner
Marksman when I spit I hit em dead center
Spill they guts when I rip em call me jack rippa
Cut em up and dig a hole just throw the bodies in it
When conviction starts to sit in tend to numb to feelings
I Grab a pistol and some bullets call schizophrenic friends
I Find a victim worth a purge let the psycho play again

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