It’s that pshychopathic lunatic
Get the f**k up off my d**k
All you sh*tty rappers, don’t hit me up
Cause you sound like sh*t
Mothaf**kas better watch their mothaf**kin tone
When you come around me, I’m quick to trip just to let you know
I pull the nade making b*t*hes into marinade
I’m going hard in the paint shooting up the game
I’m with the gang so just let ‘em know
I grip the 44. ready to pull it back unload
f**k, f**k, f**k, f**k, f**k with me
Damn, I’m dropping bodies for the f**k of it


Markin' your tombstone
You don’t know the lingo
I’m doc holiday and i’m lookin for Johnny Ringo
Now you know
f**k your feelings it’s your time to go
Tell’em hell is comin, i’m bringin the devil from below
It’s not what you want it’s what you f**kin need
UAV will never stop cause we got mouths to feed
f**k you mean you wanna die?
b*t*h don’t come to me
If you still alive SCHIZO is the one that’s holdin on your deed
I’d rather be awake than f**ken act
If you sheep, my staffs up so come follow me
And if I’m not myself, I will not comply
But all you b*t*hes wanna do is live a f**ken lie

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