Young Rich
No Love
Lil shwaty in the back yeah she like me
I don't know what to say but she icy
Lil shawty wear designer with them nikes
Only like that chicken flavor if it's spicy

She don't know what do
But lil shawty looking nice in her suit
Yeah she nice and she cool

No love no love
No love she ain't getting no love
She don't know who to trust
She don't know who to love (2x)

Put the power afford for the heights
I don't care if it's hard I will try
People like it and some wouldn't try
But one Day u will shine make em blind

One day u feel fine one day you'll fell lost
That's how it is I know it is tuff
Don't do it for the fame
Make it for change

Plus I got voices on my head I won't lose
I got memory's sad wanna lose
But sh*t happens and it will fly by
Mistakes if I knew I wouldn't try
Nights fly bye every day is a try
U a star if you reach to them heights
Young Rich - No Love