Young Rich
Schweeties freestyle
If i select his man ill put him in a box
Lean back and let the Bellsdem jingle
I want my cheese stacked up and crisp,Like crisps
And no i ain't talking bout Pringles
I like my chocolate the Milkyway no Milkyway im more about mars
And the guys wispa for a boost or need a time out when we talk about bars
If i load this drum and make it stick guaranteed it"ll turn a man Squahies
That"s 0.69 cent for the jellies and crisps all different colors like Tekashi
And for the opps there still snacking on corn
I guess that makes me a mega meanie
I need a girl with a Double Decker who"d just twirl around and complete me
I get celebrations when Im out in the strip even though theres no quality in these streets
They went from calling us Villains to heroes i guess you could say lifes more than sweet
Young rich still banging in heads and thats a cycle that never ceases
Make sure you dont get caught in ends or you"ll end up in pieces like Reeses