Young Rich
Cartoon Freestyle
He said he wanted smoke in the valley
We told him be round here at 2
He shat his pants when things got scrappy
But what else can Scooby Doo
Cause when we B***-heads with the opps like Beavis
We’re known to leave a permanent mark
We had there estate shouting out it’s Timmy
Back When sh*t went south in the park
I said you should come and see valley at night
Cause the girl was more than fine
I Told her bring the map like Dora
And explore the block like adventure time
We left holes in his body like SpongeBob
But who did it..... nobody knows
I’m the star of the movie like Patrick
Trust me this is not a regular show
Young rich really loves his drama
So anything’s possible like Kim
That bender got fried like Futurama
They hit a quick dash when the opps see him
If I bat man with a samurai like jack
F**k a lung I’m tryna pop his eye
Got my runner on the roads in the evening
Huncho Im a devilish guy
I’ll do it for my bro I’m a Family Guy
F**k Teens now there calling us T**ans
Fionn dropped 10 on wrist like Ben
One wrist is thunder the others lightning
O left him with a St**ch like Lilo
He went M.IA in the valley like Nemo
He got mixed up in the beat like Tweeko
Just like Ferb you won’t hear it from me tho