[Verse 1: Skits]
This one's for the badboys inna London Town
Still got bars when I'm underground
Swoosh on a crep when I run man down
Might get a woosh, then you can't be found
We bring the vibes and bangers
I grab the mic and damage
You don't wanna see me get active
Oh no, flow's so solid, I'll wrap this
Putting my team on the atlas
Get banged if you chat sh*t
You don't wanna see me do a madness
All-out cause I'm that sick
Ball out cause I'm match fit
Got SBs you can't ramp with
I'm that Skits

[Verse 2: Jordy]
They've been sleeping on the prophet
Call me Jordy or the problem
Had the juice for a minute
If you want it, then I got it
Pentonville with the bars
Bars down a n***a if you come against me
Lyric book is never empty
If I'm on it, never tempt me
When I'm ready, I'm a big, big threat
They don't wan' f**k around
Last n***a tried to battle
Did a Val Venis with the towel
Rah, Jordy got tek though
Yeah, Jord already said so
N***as think they've got a strong hand
But I've got them n***as tenfold
[Verse 3: Big Narstie]
Now, everybody shout out "wow"
Air Force Ones on my feet like wow
N double A like wow, Top Boy, wow
BD gang, man say wow
Man's gonna move me, how?
Glocks come out like wow
Gunshot buss like wow
N double A, wow, BD gang
On a wave flow, dun know, on away shows
Exclusive, got some on-the-way clothes
Man hype up, changer no run away though
Get smacked up, dun know, pay what you owe
No game from show, man ain't playing no pro
Are you stupid? Ran to the end of the road
First place, I got the gold
Usain Bolt

[Verse 4: Pep]
I came in the back but I storm in an entrance
With a 10/10 ting, but her bedroom was tempting
See, I got your attention
But I came with the something that could cut the tension or cut a tendon
I know I said that I came in peace
I was talking the vehicle's emblem
Hard for what? Hard for who?
Even if I'm half-heart, that's more heart than you
See 'em try and black ball, told 'em pa** the cue
Cause here, sticks ain't used for pool, it gets awkward
Said I'mma take her back, so thought it
Pulled hair's only time I called caution
Said her friend wants in, I said "cool
Let me call Scorch in"
[Verse 5: Scorcher]
I've been all over the globe
These streets, you're closer to home
Big up them man that
Hopped on the boat by the dome
I was sat on the throne by the phone when destiny called
And missed it, replied with a text and dissed it
But karma's a b*t*h, I lipsed it
Live to tell the tale, whipped and binged it
Too much tek, too much tek
Real spitters in the game? Ain't too much left
All I see is me and my n***as, a few like Pep
I run sh*t, I don't view my steps
I stand where I want, pattern any land that I'm on
Bad up any track, any song
They're flagging man down for a stop but it's green lights
Cuh I've done a lot of ten toes down in these Nikes