Ex ting called me a piece of sh*t
All I do is come through, beat and dip
Been going on like this for weeks
I don’t even know what week this is
Got a new flame that loves to speak
I ain't really on that speaking sh*t
Flip my lid X 2
Yeah, Oh my lord; that’s that Jord
Look at that hoe doing the most
Less is more
Getting all close I don’t want that though
So I tell a hoe back up, cuz
Even a ex ting texting but I don’t want no catch up, cuz
Better pay me respect
I just need my space
Man are coming like tiefs
That’s why I carve my own lane
Man are tryna be good
Me; I’m tryna be great
Mandem move like a ex
That’s why you hear them all hate
Living life to the max is the minimal
You don’t like the literal
Let’s just get to physical
Your wedding ring’s invisible

Girl you smoking like medicinal
Just getting richer that’s the ritual
Said I’m such a sinner, man, that’s cynical
Said I’d call her back I was in a call
But in reality I was in a ‘em all
I’ll call her back when dinner calls
It weren’t no pork that was in her jaws
Said her friend was in with Jordz
Said that that was in her clause
Said that I don’t speak on his behalf, he ain't inner talk
She gave me top but she hit the floor
She’s all for coz the Ds major, T hit the chord
Hoes tell when they’ve been abroad
20 plus, yeah I’m into scores
Ikea, yeah I’m into draws
Guess what? Girl, I’m into yours
I do my ting with no pillow talk
Man I’ll kill the pu**y you can bring the chalk
Outline that
Girl fine, Imma whine that
So lost, Imma find that
Bellerin; I’ll be right back
Bell her in, I’ll be right back
I’ll be right back