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Might just get high with my migos
Sell drugs with my migos
I'm just lil n*gga tryna strive with my migos
Out my way i'm in beast mode
My n*ggas barely legal
I'm Mr. StealYoGirl
Your b*tch ain't mine but she deepthroat
Whatchu gotta say bout n*gga got no pay but n*gga been starving all day, huh
Whatchu gotta say bout a n*gga getting high but a n*gga been high all day
Whatchu u gotta bout a n*gga gotta fraud but a n*gga gotta find more ways
Whatchu say bout a n*gga with no time but a n*gga gotta find more days, huh

Chorus: [DEV]

Told her pull up at the crib, yeah we tryna f*ck some more
Bad b*tch from Italy, ouh she likes n*ggas from the 4
TVS up on the scene, you be screamin’ for some more
Cause you know we on the road, all these f*ckboyz on the flo’
1,2,3,4,5, to the floor. (Hold on, hold on, hold on)
All you ladies bounce some mo
All this cash, we want some mo
I be ballin with my team, all you haters want sum mo
All them b*tches want sum mo, all them n*ggas want sum mo

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