Who I Am
Verse 1

Wonderin' 'how are you'
I know you're baby boy loves you
Missin' how you kissed me, though
Makes me wanna hold you down

You stronger than before, girl
Today you are a woman
Tell them how I loved you
You know I gave it all in for us


We live today and try to lose what holds us back
Then realize that life is not a dream


Tell me you loved it the times that we spent it together in the moments
Even if today we ain't together anymore, hope you still think about me

Hope you're missing the way that I miss you, missing all the ways I caressed you
It didn't work out, cause it's 'who I was', and it's 'who I am'

Verse 2
What happened between us?
You know that it was special
Ain't nobody got between us two

Amazing in our moments
Your a risk that I have fell for
But we all want something we cannot have



We live today and try to lose what holds us back
Then realize that life is not a dream (ohh)

Verse 3

Tearin' our hearts to feel again
Try all the liquor at this moment sippin' heiniken
How many bullets were fired? Because I took them in

They wanted better and left me bleeding to figure things

Now that I'm better, it's never enough to settle
No medals but battlescars while you cutting me still with switch-blades
Blame me for madness, too ego driven in motives to better myself
While numbing this soul is something that's rich-made

Psychotic cycles, causin' pureness to idle
While I got so much to give sometimes I wonder if she existed

Call me selfish, i've seen it and trembled upon my weakness
Never called you that word at all cause my actions are what perceive it

Know your worth, respect is what you invite in around you
Your level in calculation is measured of how your valued

Truth, you've seen it and trembled upon your weakness
Never call me selfish again cause my actions are what perceived it, ohh