Lonely (pt.2)
[Interlude: Friday Afternün]
It's being the root of pop culture
Our dances
Our slang
Our fashion
Our music
Being black is being original

[Verse 1: KvreeM]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
This for my lonely friends I left back in Chicago
I’m doing this for us
I’m not looking for bravos
Y’all glued to my mind like repet**ive car notes
I had to move differently and switch the motto
My girl look good turning her to a momma
It's not too long when she wasn't my baby
We just making sure we good when we under the weather
Or when I’m under she wetter
But that ain’t none of ya'
Broke my microphone, need a new hard drive
Surviving on my own needing my time
Take my risk ima' go in with a nosedive
Talk your sh*t ima' Goins with a mob tie
This is for my fam in the Chi
And I told you ima' prove it when I left up out of Athens
Still a young bull, there's a lot that’s gotta happen
I kept being silent cause they're try'na make it seem like I'm cappin'
I’m tryna make it happen
I’m just tryna make it happen
Tryna make it into heaven
KvreeM but they call me Devin
Sorry that I'm bad at texting
Busy can I call you back
Eating tryna get a check
I’m the leader of the pact
I leave when I feel like I'm under attack
I’m needing you so please show it back
Now I’m heated
But I’m breathing and glad for that
Yeah I mean it when I tell you that
I mean it when I tell you that
I mean it when I tell you that
I mean it when I tell you that