Necrophilia$hawty lyrics


Verse 1:
Jeffery dahmer hoe
Muriatic acid to your f**king skull
I just wanna know
Clutch on the dagger, will this whore throw throat
No don’t need a chrome
Fool I prefer to do sh*t on my own
Three blows to the motherf**kin’ dome
Pull em in the house, slit her throat in my home
Stupid b*t*h I’m still decapitating, innovating
Eat her motherf**king body
Til my stomach start complaining
Aggravating i won’t hurt you b*t*h invalidating
At your eye at your lip
Damn my blade precipitating
Dead or alive whatever works
Take her for a ride in the hearse
She said want f**k, yes babe of course
One last favor, I f**k on your corpsе (ah)

Necrophilia shawty (2x)
Come herе lil b*t*h, lemme f**k on yo body

(Harley Quinn Arkham tapes)

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