Ayo & Teo
CLOUT (refixed)
[Intro: DJ Mik]
If you got clout, put them hands up! (Hands up)
This the clout, hands up! (Hands up, hands up)

[Chrous: DJ Cody & Juju Playz]
Shawty clout said we can get it out loud
You never been on this, so you can't even rhyme now
So you n***as tryna copy me like I’m on
We gonna rhyme, so that is not even wrong
Shawty clout said we can get it out loud!
You wasn't loud n***a, I won't be cloud
Ice on my neck costs like 20k
Thats why you know that the DJ Sqaud will slay (yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Verse: DJ Mik (DJ Cody)]
Said I wanna get lit, he want my blue fire rhymes (rhymes)
N***as be f**kin up now they wanna waste my time (waste my time)
What you f**kin bout, ATL Sqaud, Rolex $qaud, DJ Sqaud
All sqauds, that keep me busy for doin my job
Now you know that we be rapping up (rappin up, rappin up, rappin up)
And the money we be rackin up (rackin up, rackin up, rackin up)
Keep hatin’ on me, f**k you talkin bout me
Keep rockin up, then you already made us fell asleep

[Chrous: DJ Cody & Juju Playz]