Jay Critch

"Bad Man Ting (Remix)"

Ton Boi!
Turn up the living jump pon ting pon sound the way up play whata you!
Lickwood means "rewind" and gunshot means "forward"
You requested it, so we rewind

(Toni Steelz)
Ya don know me bust me guns
Do not want problems
See it
Me pull up on a gun finga

(Hook: Toni Steelz)
Mada bad man
Legion mada bad man
Coming for da mada bad man
Ya don know

(Verse 1: PRAYAH)
Kilimanjaro Son of the young sparrow
Ran out of bullets and started throwing beer bottles
My gun'll dye all y'all red like a hair product
Swerve left y'all n****'s is bird chest you ain't robin
Fully automatic snub nose I still got it
Bad man ting gun go like asanti rims
God's sons of the 44 a cleanser skin
You can gas a man up I put the batteries in
The streets sweeper is a keeper tear you limb from limb
Hit Karina get gun I shred like Wolverine
Too many gun shottas and smoke screen
I'm a terror b****es can play PRAYAH for Halloween
It's the first 48 yellow tape on the scene
I leave holes in your belly like Krispy Kreme
You're gonna need the whole precinct to bring me in
Don't try to put me in the jail like Bill Cosby in
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