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Jay Critch


I need the bag, get every weight (Hey)
She give me brain, she educate (Educate)
Gelato got me in another place (Another place)
The cookie got me up at Heaven's Gate (Heaven's Gate)
f**k up a bag then f**k her face (f**k her face)
Poppin' a tag, I never wait (Hey)
Diamonds beatin', my wrist a heavyweight
I'ma pick up a check in every state
When she give me the neck, I never stay (Never stay)
These b*t*hes vexed, they devastated (Devastated)
They just want me 'cause a n***a made it
I'ma get me the crib with the elevator
If you wasn't around, I ain't doin' favors
n***as still ain't got nothin' to do (Nothin' to do)
Come around, see me makin' a move (Makin' a move)
Where was you? Needed bread for the stu (Hey)

I be high, I still watch every move
In her eyes, see that she wanna screw
Hypnotized, I was gone off the juice (Drank)
Ayy, with the guys, you could call, "The Crew"
Bentley truck, I'ma go get the coupe
Drop the top, they like, "Go get the roof" (Go get the roof)
Stop the lies, you ain't tellin' the truth (Tellin' the truth)
Bottom line, gotta get to the loot
She super fine, made her ho number two
My b*t*h a dime and she walkin' in Loubs (Walkin' in Loubs)
They can't stop it, thirties up in a loop (On a loop)
Talkin' money, never talkin' to you (Talkin' to you)
Lookin' funny? Then we uppin' the tools
Sippin' muddy, got me up on the moon (Hey)
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