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A Gbéeyín Ga (2019)

My Joy (2019)

Ons Verheerlik U (2019)

Tunakutukuza (2019)


Wij Maken U Groot (2019)

Wir Erheben Dich (2019)

እናገንሃለን (Amharic) (2019)

Hard Boundaries (2018)

A World of Worship - Volume 2 (2017)

All of Me For All of You (2017)

Run Hard (2017)

A World of Worship (2016)

Confluence Volume 1 (2016)

Maturity (Being Everything God Wants Me To Be) (2016)

My Cry (2016)

The Joyous War (2016)

The Sound of War (2016)

When the Dust Settles We Win (2016)

You Have Brought Us Here (2016)

Chenaniah 2005

Chenaniah 2006 - Holy Tradition

Confluence Volume 2

I’m A Sanctuary

My Offering

Nous Te Magnifions


Te Engrandecemos


We Magnify You

We Worship You

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