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"No Rubber"

DJ Butter scratches a sample
"I just don't care"-] Bizarre

So Funky
DJ Butters stinkin ass
Dirty Dozen, n*gga
You know who your f*ckin with
It's the idiotic Bizarre

Took your drink b*tch
Do you know who your f*ckin with
Call your moms a b*tch
And hit her in the face with a brick
I did twenty mushrooms in my range rover
And I'll probably gonna OD before this song is over
I hang with white trash and love to skip class
Get high off coke and hash
And f*ck a little kid in his ass
b*tch suck my c*ck while I take this pill
And if you won't do it then Monica Lewinsky will
I'm waitin beyond, f*ck the Fonz
I get drunk with bail bonds
Snatch you peons my whole crews ex cons
While I crack, I get n*ggas from down south
Give your sister oral sex with the ??? that's in my mouth
I'm f*ckin sick of anorexic chicks suckin my di*k
If ???? f*ck with this nasty b*tch

DJ Butter scratches a sample
"I just don't care, I still f*ck bare"-] Bizarre

f*ck battlin which rapper wanna do me
Forget a case, b*tch I'm quick to blast Judge Judy
Tempt one of you n*ggas to try to offend me
Pull you out the truck and beat you ass worse then Reginald Denny
Drugs is in me, who wanna offend me
f*ck Santa, Bizarre is comin down the chimney
Quick to blow up the room
Ill enough to rape my wife on our own honeymoon
Your style is garbage that's why I'm throwin it in the can
Even ??? have a cure for this nasty man
Dirty Dozen, quick to give your girl a call
Tell your n*ggas get my balls
Write my gang signs on your wall
n*gga, DJ Butter, n*gga 99, n*gga
Dirty Dozen, n*gga Outsidaz, Slim Shady, n*gga
I don't give a f*ck its Bizarre Kid, n*gga
What, call my name I'll come runnin

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