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"Love Tap"

[Intro: Bizarre]
Get the f*ck up
Ha, ha, yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Bizarre]
Everybody, get the f*ck up
Get the f*ck up
Everybody, wild the f*ck out
Wild the f*ck out, wild the f*ck out
Everybody, get the f*ck up
Get the f*ck up, get the f*ck out
Everybody, wild the f*ck out
Wild the f*ck out, wild the f*ck out
Wild the f*ck out

[Verse 1: Bizarre]
Holy moly, no one knows me
This white chick, she says she wants to blow me
Smokin' reefer, I'm a chiefer
Blaze enormous, brand new Wiz Khalifa
Poppin' pills, I need to chill
I need to get a r-r-refill
Baby talk, won't even see a baby walk
Pop sh*t, outline her in baby chalk
I'm vicious, terrific, out of my mind
We share the same bloodline like Royce da 5'9"
f*ckin' legend, been a goat
Poppin' pills, I'm into dope
Shady Records, used to be signed to Interscope
I'ma start hookin' n*ggas from Jersey to Brooklyn, n*ggas
Ain't got no apron on and I'm already cookin' n*ggas
Man I'm out, are you a man or mouse?
Bring 'em one by one, I start airin' 'em out (anybody)
Drugs and pills, that's all I'm carin' about
He cappin', I'm rappin', he snap, it's gon' happen
A kidnappin', he laughin', I'm clappin', you rappin'
Blowin' four pipes, f*ckin' four dykes
Been up four nights, goin' to war like Fortnite
One eye like Fetty Wap, get your belly flopped
Cooked up, beat up like Betty Crock
I ain't no sucker, I stay sucker free
I ain't duckin' n*ggas, n*ggas duckin' me
Drink Champs, I should go on N.O.R.E
Get f*cked up and tell the whole world my story

[Bridge: Bizarre]
Why they dissin' Eminem? Why they ride with MGK?
They gon' learn today
n*ggas singin' like Monica
Who the f*ck is a Jay Electronica?
Who is that? I'm tryna, tryna remember...
Oh, it's Jarice, the guy that carried the bags
The one that used to sleep on the floor and call Denaun dad
The one that sold the tape to The Source
Let me chill, I'm gettin' off-course

[Verse 2: Bizarre & Joe Budden]
Don't tell me on your album how much you love D12
When I look at Bizarre, he don't look like he's doing very well

*Pow-pow-pow* Just pump it up!
Next time I see your jaw I'ma lump it up (b*tch)
No offense (no), straight defense
f*ck around and put your son on the remix, punk
I'm a mothaf*ckin' hog
Disrespectful, I'll shoot your f*ckin' dog
Damn, you loved that dog to death
Good, you can watch it take its last breath
Joe say he clean and sober
But asked me for a Percocet last October
We was on a tour called Never Say Never
I gave you some cocaine when you was under the weather
Damn, am I talkin' too much? (Shut up)
Keep sayin' my name, you ain't gon' be walkin' too much, b*tch (old ass n*gga)
I don't be doin' no runnin'
I ain't gon' say come to Detroit 'cause I know you ain't comin', damn

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