"#BarsOnly pt 31"

And every verse could be about this b*t*h
With hindsight being what it is I look back on things and start seeing what I missed
And I don’t want to think cuz all I think about is this
I wish that we could get a drink so we could speak about this sh*t
But you don’t even want to see me because you think I ain’t sh*t
But these the things that I repent you should see me for my intent
Girl if you turned into the wind I would sleep inside a tent
I got a whole lot of love for you
I know a whole lot of n***as at the door lining up for you
And I don’t want to be nobody’s substitute
Look at your body girl nobody f**ks with you
In a competition with yourself
Youre a wide open book but you’re a mystery as well
I wonder if you would ever leave heaven to visit me in hell
And if the pressure wasn’t present would our ? prevail
I’ll never know huh
Probably think I should just learn to love and let go huh
You gon say it and ? Both huh
I ain’t felt the benefit and I ain’t felt nothing close man
Nothing close man
And I’m happy and I’m sad about it
So I cry and I laugh about it
My emotions on a roller coaster ride
I thought when our story ended we were both supposed to die but now in sitting here dying alone
I know they’ll tell me try and be strong
The timing was wrong
But that’s some cliche sh*t
I can’t replace this
I can’t remake sh*t
I can’t erase it
I can’t cheat greatness
But I tried
How many times did I try
And I lied
How many times did Iie
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