Emelie Hollow

[Verse 1]
I could show you a million things
But it wouldn't matter if you’re not here
And I could write you a billion songs
But it wouldn't matter if you're not listening

[Pre-Chorus 1]
We always get in to your car but
We don’t know where we are going
We never make it very far
But we like the taste of running away

[Verse 2]
He is waiting for me
He says it doesn't matter
But I'm coming home
But when I'm laying with him
I know that I shouldn't go

Oh he, he's been wandering for a while
Wondering where he's gonna find me
He knows that I'm like a child
I am not that good at hiding, ooooh
It’s not your fault, but mine
It’s not your fault
It's not your fault, but mine

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