Someone Else

Emelie Hollow

[Verse 1]
Pick me up, parking lot
It's been two weeks and you don't kiss me
Tired eyes, forcing smiles
You say you're fine but I know that line

Do you ever think of us? (Oh-oh)
Tell me, do you ever think of us? (Oh-oh)

Do you know how many times I tried to push aside the fact that you're with someone else?
I find it hard to be myself, I know you think of someone else
'Cause every time we go to bed you throw a t-shirt on and then you turn the other way
And it f**king hurts like hell when I know you want someone else

[Verse 2]
I'm falling down, I'm dying now
Without your touch, I need your love
Talking slow, put us on hold
We fixed us twice, so now I guess it's time

Did you ever think of us? Oh-whoa
When you slowly took his clothes off, mm

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