Nature’s At Peace lyrics

Janis Ian

Did you notice, the dawn
Had the nerve to come on
To the sunrise today
Have I said that my head
Had the nerve to be dead
When I wanted to break
Did you see that the sun
Doesn't need anyone
To come in on time

Nature's at peace
Every time you see the rain

Did you notice, the trees
Are standing in peace
Without orders, without me
Have I told you the leaves
Can't be broken or creased
A silent symphony
Did you see the lights
When the clouds began to try
And hide the sun from the sky

Nature's at peace again
Every time you see the rain

Can it be explained?
Lady Nature's back again
In a world that's gone insane
Lady Nature takes away all the yearning

Maybe I should try
To cover up the lies
But the sun in the sky
Has never asked us why
We are burning

Nature's at peace
Every time you see the rain

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