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Nate Rose

"SoundFoil Presents: The Nashville Cypher"

[Verse 1: Nate Rose]
It's Nate Rose, I'm a dangerous man, yeah
I do what I want and you just do what you can
I'm ready to get it poppin' at any time but I still come with a plan
I'm technical as hell with flows but got the swagger [?]
I'm back again, but I been doin' this, been workin', yeah
I'm the greatest out, hands-down like 6:30, yeah
I park the whip far away so it don't get dirty, yeah
And if they ask about the kid, please don't get worried, yeah
I'm straight stock, goin' up so it's a new tax bracket
Write, produce, direct and edit, market everything, investments
Own three businesses so check it, if they ask about
What the rap scene is like in Nashville, b*tch, you lookin' at it
I'm quick wit' it, slick wit' it, get wit' it to get done up
This isn't a gimmick, give it all to get here, I get [?] when I don't wanna play ball, I bend wit' it
D-d-no, no, no, you battle me and get stuck like Velcro
'Cause my bars taste like what, a John Jones elbow, uh-huh
I'm too sick, I'm ruthless, I do this, you doofus
My primary focus was catching yellow-bellied rappers red-handed
Jack in the blueprint
Go chew my records, listen what I'm sayin', stupid
You actin' like a nuisance, uh, yeah
I was on deck but caught a wave, my whole persona like a cruise ship
My [?] feel like Kool Whip, 'cause when I'm in the booth I would
Heat up and get to bussin', like the pool stick, I'm on cue

[Verse 2: nobigdyl.]
I came from the mud
Rap in season, Elmer Fudd
Do my taxes from the tub
All of my raps written in blood, sweat and tears
I'm the best of years that'll bless your ears with the message
And I'm on your head, Herbal Essence
I guess all my peers got a death wish
Look, I'm more interested in resurrection and confession, I'm obsessed with it
I guess that's what happens when you were dead and raised by Yeshua
Wearin' all black like I am a Jesuit
Took my life right back from the devil, guess I embezzled it
I feel like the Carter, talkin' B, I'm talkin' Jay
I'm talkin' Blue, I'm talkin' Wayne, I'm talkin' Vince off in the paint
Talkin' Vince in '98, the rookie soon to be a great
In five years, look at the tape
You'll say "How'd he know his fate, huh?"
All these rappers be my homonyms and antonyms
They sound the same but really I live it and they be actin' it
Let that sink in, and while y'all thinkin' bout my passages
I hit up Syde-FX and tell him "bill me for the damages"

[Verse 3: Daisha McBride]

[Verse 4: Tim Gent]

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